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Bob ChidesterSchool Teacher

As we get older, obviously … both mind and body start to slow down. But I also believe that a person being proactive can slow that down quite a bit. And so, consequently, if I could take something that … was not harmful but that was shown to benefit me … I was all for it.

And this is … why I tried Lucidal. Because I felt … taking a product like this would help me maintain my sharpness, would help me maintain my energy level. I didn't really expect to get any benefit from the fact that it took my mood swings and evened them out. That's an added benefit that I hadn't even counted on. I was looking at memory, sharpness-- to improve. And that's why I tried the product, and that's why I continue to use it today.

I’m now a 7th grade teacher and 71 years old.

Linda JairlBusiness Owner

When I started realizing that I was having some memory lapses and not thinking as clearly as I should, I became very concerned. And so I was looking out for anything that might help me to avoid that. Then I happened to hear about Lucidal and the wonderful claims about what it could do as far as improving memory and concentration and focus…. And I knew that that's what I really needed.

Well, before I took the Lucidal … sometimes I would have a certain thought that I wanted to convey, and I couldn't come up with the word that I wanted to use. Then after the Lucidal, of course, it's easier to think and come up with the right words.

It was about five years ago…. after about a month or so, why, I wasn't having these senior moments anymore like I'd had before. And I was able to think more clearly and remember things better. And I could tell my focus was better. And I just saw improvements in the mistakes that I made in the past.

I saw the improvement in my life. And I even referred a friend to it who was having some issues also. It worked for her as well. And so it's been my experience that it really does do what the claims say. I wouldn't stop taking it because I see the results and I'm just very happy with it. I am now 60.

Steve NuehringServices Professional

I'd given up hope, which is really sad because if you think … your mind's never going be better… and to feel motivated that "Okay, I've got some hope for the future." And with Dr. McCleary's expertise, this product is the real deal.

Once I took Lucidal … I did notice right away a … difference. It gave me an overall well-being … well-feeling within myself. It gave me the confidence to think more clearly. I found myself being able to do … mathematical equations that you would normally be able to do in your mind.

I found myself being more active. I found myself being more outgoing, as far as taking on new challenges. And I found myself being able to be … myself. Once I started taking Lucidal, I started to regain what I had lost. And by doing so, I felt … that I had done something to better myself … that would reflect that in my job, and in my career, and … in anything and every facet of my life.

I work in information systems and am 55 years old.

Libby LewisHealthcare Provider

I work as a health care provider, and I am 79.

I was feeling sluggish, mentally … emotionally tired. Emotionally negative. And I felt like I needed to do something. So I … ordered the Lucidal, which I'm very happy with, and … it made me feel totally different…. I could feel the difference in my health, my mental thoughts, my attitudes, my ways. And my family could notice the difference, too! So I didn't have the problems I had before I started taking it.

I feel much better than I've felt in years. Actually, I feel like the clock has turned back for me. I feel much healthier, much stronger, and sharp … much sharper. Lucidal has been the product that's helped me improve.

Certainly my family looked at the difference in me…. “What happened? Wow, look at you. You're so different now." And I said, "Well, this is what I'm taking." They said, "Really?" I said, "Yeah, you don't have to wait 'til you get old to take it …." You just take it … because it improves your whole life, your total life. It stimulates the brain, so that you feel better about things … and I've read some of his [Dr. McCleary’s] research. And I was very impressed with it.

Wayne KinslowBusiness Owner

Before I started taking Dr. McCleary's Lucidal, I was having problems … with brain fog. I thought to myself, "Okay, I'm … over 45 now. Maybe this is what's going to happen." I didn't picture myself when I was younger … having this brain fog and losing my keys all the time and not finishing things and … not sleeping well.

Within four or five days … my sleep patterns completely changed. I was able to fall asleep and sleep all the way through the night. It was amazing for me. So, that's helped a lot. It's helped my attitude. It's helped my ability to get things done. I haven't lost my keys in three weeks. I can't believe it.

It's been a … Godsend for me …

Rebecca TatumV.P. of Charitable Organization

As a young woman I decided that I was going to pursue the medical profession.

Academically I ended up doing very well and tested very well. And so I accomplished a lot of things in my life. I had put in about 21 years in my profession as a nurse and gotten the best job that I wanted. I reached that pinnacle in my career.

Well, about a year after that I started to slip and I became very ill with many different things. And one of the things that happened was I got severe cognitive impairment. And so that changed my life dramatically. And I went from being able to take care of a lot of people including my home and my hobbies and my friends and my family and myself to not even being able to take care of myself. …

I remember looking at my husband one day driving in the car and I said, "Honey, I'm sorry. But we're going have to look into putting me into a nursing home." I saw the first Lucidal commercial on television. I know what double blind placebo controlled study meant, and I knew that that meant that they put in a lot of time and a lot of effort and that they proved … that this product worked. I ordered the product and I started taking it.

And there were no side effects … none whatsoever. And it was probably a year that I noticed I was a different person. I didn't think about nursing homes anymore. In fact, I asked my husband if we could buy a car.

My story was so convincing that I started to tell other people about the product. … I don't sell this product, I don't get a thing for it, I just know it works. And it worked for me and it changed my life and it brought my life back again. It brought my life right back into my lap again.

So I grew from not being able to take care of myself to taking care of others and supervising others, so very productive … thanks to Lucidal.

Dennis OswaltSales Executive

I've basically been in the car business for the last 20 years. And I love cars … so I sell Mercedes-Benz right now and I … enjoy that product. I deal with a lot of customers, a lot of people one-on-one. Memory of names and … what they want is … important.

I noticed that my memory wasn't that great…. I'm in the 50s now, mid 50s thinking, "Geeze, this is a problem here."

I'm really forgetting names … "Who was that …? I was going to call somebody on that one," … it's frustrating to me that I can't pull the guy's phone number out or his name out and say, "Who was this car going to be for?"

I wanted to try to find something that'd help me. Lucidal … this could really help. “Maybe this is what I need." And after taking Lucidal I noticed I started having more energy … which really helped. About three weeks in I had to go to Pier 1 Import. My wife … had to pay a bill. They asked me, "What's the last four of her social security?" Geeze, I hadn't known her number for years. So I grabbed a pencil, I wrote down what I thought it might be … and it was right. I just couldn't believe it. They put it in, "Yeah, that's right”. … I think that had a lot to do with Lucidal.

Gale GoodHousekeeping Services

Before taking Lucidal, I think we all go through a stage where we really get tired, where you … can't think at all. And you're going, what am I doing? Well, after taking Lucidal, I find I could focus, enjoy what I'm doing.

I work out troubles in my job. So … solving the problems comes easier for me. …

My daughter is a landscape artist. And I help her periodically. This after me taking Lucidal for a year… I tried to get her to take it. And she refused. Throughout the day, we'd come to certain problems. Thank you for the suggestion. She'd do it. Then we'd come to another problem. Thank you for the suggestion. And she would do it.

By the end of the day, we came on a big problem. And she was getting frustrated and tired. And I gave her a suggestion. She looked up, and then she said … “you're sharp." And I thought to myself, well, of course I'm sharp. I problem solve all the time. But I looked down at her sweet face and I said, "It's the Lucidal." And after that, she started taking it!