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Clinically Shown to Enhance Brain Health
Dr. Larry McCleary’s brain enhancing formulation Lucidal® is a holistically designed, patented nutritional supplement for the brain that contains more than 50 ingredients. It represents the culmination of many years of work investigating the benefit of nutritional support on brain health.

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Clinically Shown to Enhance Brain Health

  • Sharpens mental focus, attention, and concentration
  • Enhances thinking speed and clarity
  • Improves mood and reduce anxiety and feelings of depression
  • Increases mental energy and alertness


  • Is M.D. developed, patented, tested in human studies, results published in peer-reviewed medical journal
  • Contains effective amounts of more than 50 important vitamins and minerals
  • Contains no stimulants, caffeine free, won't make you jittery

Shipment Includes®:

  • 1 Bottle(s) of Lucidal®
  • One-Month Supply (90 Count)