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Dr. Larry McCleary’s brain enhancing formulation Lucidal ® is a holistically designed, patented nutritional supplement for the brain that contains more than 50 ingredients. It represents the culmination of many years of work investigating the benefit of nutritional support on brain health.

Lucidal ® improves the function of many of the brain pathways that deteriorate as we age. These pathways regulate critical processes such as inflammation, energy and free radical generation.

The pathways also address the health of nerve cell membranes, calcium balance, proper stress hormone (cortisol) levels and vascular health. Lucidal ® assists in achieving optimal levels of critical signaling chemicals in our brains called neurotransmitters, including the important memory compound acetylcholine. It is recommended that Omega-3 be taken in conjunction with Lucidal ® .

Lucidal ® was tested in humans and shown to enhance focus and concentration in a sustained fashion, improving the type of learning that is used in education, and elevating mood, including assisting with mild depression and anxiety. By markedly improving memory, Lucidal ® allows us to think faster. Lucidal ® has been safely used millions of times.

The important clinical trial results for Lucidal ® are published in a recognized peer-reviewed medical journal.

Why do we lose memory as we age?

The rate of "brain aging" varies from person to person. Starting from before birth, new nerve cells - called neurons - are constantly being produced throughout the brain and form thousands of connections with other neurons. This connectivity enables the brain to perform effectively as the powerful computing machine it is. As we age, the brain's neurons lose some of their connections and, as a result, are not as efficient in processing all the information that is required. When the number of connections and the function of the individual nerve cells are enhanced, brain power improves/will improve.

Will Lucidal ® serve as a replacement for my multi-vitamin?

Lucidal ® can serve as either a replacement or an enhancement to your daily multi-vitamin. Lucidal ® consists of two parts: - The nutritional platform, which is a unique multi-vitamin. - The mental function platform that builds on the basic actions of the multi-vitamin portion.

Has Lucidal ® been tested? If so, how?

Yes, using what is known in clinical testing as the "gold standard" for scientific research: a randomized, prospective, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study. This clinical study was conducted on humans by an independent, third party scientific organization that specializes in dietary supplement testing. The clinical trial demonstrated statistically significant improvements in multiple brain functions from the use of Lucidal ® .

How does Lucidal ® affect the brain?

Lucidal ® provides many brain-specific ingredients designed to work together to enhance nerve cell function, improve connectivity, speed up the rate at which brain cells communicate with each other, decrease the damaging effects of free radicals, slow brain atrophy (shrinkage), enhance mitochondrial function (the energy generating parts of the cells) and improve neurotransmitter function (such as acetylcholine (for memory and focus)) and dopamine (for feeling good and being more focused).

Are there any known side effects associated with Lucidal ® ?

The people taking the product in the clinical trial were monitored for any evidence of adverse reactions. Based on the human clinical trial, Lucidal ® was found - with statistically significant improvement over people taking placebo - to be both safe and effective. Lucidal ® has been used millions of times with an excellent safety record.

How will I know Lucidal ® is working? When can I expect to feel results?

It varies from person to person. Frequently, improved mental energy is experienced after only a few days. Sometimes, instead of feeling sluggish at the end of the day, a sense of well-being and a calm, yet alert, state of well-being is noted. Or one may experience an improved ability to concentrate, often for prolonged periods of time. Some users first notice the ability to work longer, study harder, be more creative or recall words and names more easily. Many people describe feeling less “stressed out.” Sometimes the changes are subtle and are noticed by people around you before you even notice them yourself.

When is Lucidal ® normally taken?

In the human clinical trial subjects took three capsules in the morning. We suggest taking it with a meal. It may also be taken three times a day, or two pills at one time and one at another, or any combination of these. Sometimes the product is best taken an hour before a mentally taxing event, or when maximal effect is desired.

How does Lucidal ® work?

Lucidal ® enhances the function of individual nerve cells and also facilitates the communication between them. Think of it like upgrading your computer's microprocessor from a slow, old processor to the latest lighting fast processor. The brain works better, faster and more efficiently.

Does Lucidal ® contain any stimulants?

Lucidal ® contains NO stimulants. Stimulants can cause the brain's neurons to fire excessively and, as a result, incur damage at the cellular level. Unlike some other brain enhancement products, the Lucidal ® ingredients work together to provide extra energy and alertness without the use of stimulants.

In a 3-month human study, Lucidal ® produced large and statistically significant improvements in a number of brain functions. These included sustained focus and concentration, attention, memory, learning, how fast we think and improved mood parameters - including mild depression and anxiety.

Lucidal ® was studied in a prospective, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled human clinical trial performed by independent third party investigators who specialize in the supervision of this type of human experimentation. The study was conducted under the direction of an Institutional Review Board (IRB) that assures volunteers are safely treated. The test results were then published in a peer-reviewed medical journal.

The link to the Lucidal ® published paper can be found: Here

Lucidal ® - Patent (US 6,964,969)

Composition and Method for Treating impaired or Deteriorating Neurological Function

The Lucidal ® patent covers a novel nutritional supplement designed to protect brain health and function by incorporating a holistic combination of nutritional ingredients that beneficially modulate an array of physiologic processes that contribute to nerve cell dysfunction.

The neurological pathways regulate inflammation, energy production, free radical generation, cell membrane function, neurotransmitter activity, stress hormone (cortisol) levels, vascular health, nerve growth factors, heavy metal toxicity, methyl metabolism and proper glucose and insulin metabolism.

When the health of nerve cells deteriorates and brain function becomes impaired, multiple metabolic processes are involved. Based on this observation, the patented product Lucidal ® is formulated to correct these deteriorating pathways and thus enhance global brain function.

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Bob Chidester

I was looking at memory, sharpness-- to improve. And that's why I tried the product, and that's why I continue to use it today.

Linda Jairl

It's been my experience that it really does do what the claims say. I wouldn't stop taking it because I see the results and I'm just very happy with it.

Steve Nuehring

I found myself being more active. I found myself being more outgoing, as far as taking on new challenges. And I found myself being able to be … myself.

Libby Lewis

My family looked at the difference in me…. “What happened? Wow, look at you. You're so different now." And I said, "Well, this is what I'm taking."

Wayne Kinslow

It was amazing for me. So, that's helped a lot. It's helped my attitude. It's helped my ability to get things done. It's been a … Godsend for me…

Rebecca Tatum

I don't sell this product, I don't get a thing for it, I just know it works. And it worked for me and it changed my life and it brought my life back again.

Dennis Oswalt

I noticed I started having more energy… which really helped. I had great concentration, great focus. I thought it really made a difference.

Gale Good

I find I could focus, enjoy what I'm doing. I problem solve all the time. I told my daughter … "It's the Lucidal." And after that, she started taking it.

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