Dr. Larry McCleary is a Board Certified Neurosurgeon trained in physics. He has actively researched human health and formulated specialized nutritional support products for over two decades.

As an honors science graduate of Dartmouth College, and later as a Ph.D. Candidate, Dr. Larry McCleary studied and did comprehensive work in theoretical physics.

After graduating from medical school, Dr. Larry McCleary completed his neurosurgical residency at New York University-Bellevue Medical Center, and earned his Board Certification in neurosurgery. At Denver Children’s Hospital Dr. Larry McCleary was a recognized leader in neurosurgery and established a multi-disciplinary neuro-oncology program, a human gait and tone clinic and a pediatric neuroscience research program.

The keen clinical interest taken by Dr. Larry McCleary in how nutrition supports brain, bone and body healing and health has resulted in a significant body of scientific knowledge, as evidenced by his books and publications. In particular, Dr. Larry McCleary has been recognized for his work regarding the brain and its metabolic pathways to minimize and even preclude cognitive fall-off and memory loss.

Dr. Larry McCleary’s in-depth research and medical analysis has resulted in the creation of highly innovative and result specific nutritional combinations - each of which is patented. The major and positive health results achieved from taking Dr. Larry McCleary’s formulations on a regular basis is well supported by documented clinical studies.

  • BRAIN Health is Enhanced with Lucidal®
  • BONE Formation is Increased with Bonexid®
  • BODY Weight Loss is Accelerated with VitaLoss®

Dr. Larry McCleary is also the award-winning author of Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly and The Brain Trust Program. He is currently completing a cutting-edge book – The Fracture Cure - on how in only a number of weeks bone health can begin to be dramatically improved.

Q&A With Dr. Larry McCleary

Dr. McCleary - You have been a successful practicing neurosurgeon, but changed your life focus to developing nutritional products. What was it that caused you to do this ... when did it happen?

When I retired from the active practice of neurosurgery, I realized the pivotal role nutrition played in health maintenance and the prevention of disease. I had been using nutritional approaches and investigating novel nutritional therapies to facilitate the recovery of my patients for several decades. As a result of my clinical experience, harnessing the power of food and focused nutritional supplementation to dramatically change people's lives then became my professional focus.

This had been a logical progression. Many years ago doctors knew little about nutrients and how they interacted with our metabolic processes. The medical landscape and perspective have changed significantly in recent times. Now, like never before, there is an opportunity to offer effective nutritional approaches for an array of health challenges. And similar insights even offer the opportunity to use nutrition to beneficially impact preventative approaches to health. I am dedicated to expanding the universe of potential therapeutic options that will enable people to take control of their health in a meaningful way.

Dr. McCleary - You have been scientifically developing nutritional products for a number of years. What is the process you use to formulate these nutritional product ... how do you do it?

I will first make an observation that provides insight into how I approach the development of unique nutritional approaches to common health challenges. There is no pharmaceutical cure for any of the chronic diseases that constitute our current major health issues. These include arthritis, vascular disease, obesity, cancer, osteoporosis, dementia and a host of other well-known conditions. Pharmaceuticals act like a sledgehammer in one specific biochemical pathway. Chronic diseases develop for a number of reasons and adversely impact many metabolic pathways. Hence, it is unlikely that a drug will ever cure any of these disorders.

However, spending the time to dig deeper and really understand what the fundamental triggers of disease causation are, and which pathways they involve, enables me to formulate a holistic approach that addresses the underlying causes and modulates them in a safe and effective fashion to truly improve health without creating a multitude of side effects that can be worse than the initial disease.

By using my medical background and clinical experience with thousands of patients, I painstakingly research the medical literature to determine the causative factors that must be addressed for the chronic illnesses confronting us today and select appropriate nutrients designed to beneficially modify each of these pathways in a safe and effective manner. My nutritional products are carefully formulated based on this scientific approach and are then thoroughly tested in human beings for safety and therapeutic promise.